50 years experience...

Miquelon Meter Service is a company with over 50 years of combined experience in remanufactured meter runs. Started originally in the early 1990s our first company was purchased by National Oilwell. The original owner Stan Patras then took a well-deserved five-year holiday, only to have the working bug enter his system again. Teamed up with his new partners, and his son Blake who leads the sales, Stan and his team are back in the market, giving the oil and gas industry a viable alternative to always purchasing new meters.

With constantly increasingly stock, we have now put ourselves into a favorable position of being able to offer delivery that is two to six weeks less than the competition, and at a price that is far more competitive than any other company. We carry Daniel new and remanufactured meter runs (orifice fitting) in standard or sour service configurations with all pipe schedules 40, 80, 160 XXH in standard or low temp grades.

What we carry...

Daniel Senior, Simplex and Junior meter runs - new and remanufactured
Third party Daniel Canada inspected meter runs in stock
We stock fittings from 2" to 30"
Orifice Flange meter runs available.
A full supply of parts, orifice plates and seal rings for all sizes, new and old style
Remanufactured Grove Back Pressure Regulators
Remanufactured Barton Recorders
We switched to CPA TBR pin type flow conditioners for all 2", 3" and 4" meter runs.
Only 316 Stainless Steel parts are used in Nace / Sour meter runs